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It all started with some guacamole

It all started in high school. I brought a big container of my homemade guacamole for lunch. My friends wanted to try it so I gave them some. I ended up sharing this guacamole with the whole class and none of them could get enough of the Guac. I had brought that day. They loved it so much that one of my friends told me I should sell it as a joke.


What he thought was just a joke ended up pushing me to start selling my guacamole around school. I ended up being very successful with my guacamole and it took me by surprise. Selling guacamole was just the first step; I knew I wanted to do a food truck because of my experience in the kitchen with my family. Everyone in my family cooks and we are always perfecting our recipes. Why not make a food truck where I can enjoy cooking and share that with other people!



That’s when Taco Bron was created!

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