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Let's Taco 'Bout it

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Food trucks at weddings bring trendy and affordable memories

Food trucks have been the go-to late-night munchie after the bars or a special treat for lunch at your office building. This isn’t the only thing food trucks are good for. In recent years, food trucks have been homing in on weddings and special events. According to Pinterest wedding trends of 2019, there has been a 30% increase on searches related to food trucks at weddings. Food trucks add a casual and tasty environment to the scene. They can be very memorable and an often budget-friendly way to feed your guests.

The first benefit of having a food truck at your wedding is the major price difference compared to your typical catering. The national average cost for wedding caterings is about $70 per person. An average wedding will have around 130-150 guests attending, which will make your total cost to be around $9,800. That’s just for the food! With everything else you have to worry about, cutting this price down can be a huge relief. Your typical food truck will charge anywhere from $20-$40 per person for your wedding, depending on the experience you want. This comes to around $4,200, a huge discount compared to the typical catering.

The second benefit to having a food truck at your wedding is the freedom to be adventurous! Food trucks are very flexible when it comes to menu design and execution. The bride and groom’s experience are the most important aspect. If you want mini sliders or even a street taco style bar for your guests, there is always someone available to cater to your needs. When a venue offers the option to cater your meal, you will be given limited choices and not much wiggle room to customize it. Food at your wedding has the power to set the atmosphere and tone for the entire night.

With the benefits given as clear as day, let’s taco ‘bout what you need to know before booking a food truck for your wedding. It boils down to a few crucial points.

Consider the Season

- It’s important to plan around the season of your wedding. A food truck as obvious as this is, is meant for people to get their food outside. No one will want to go outside to get their food from a food truck in the winter.

Venue Flexibility

- Certain venues may have limited street space and/or not allow food trucks. Make sure that you clear it with your venue if you are going to book a food truck.

Menu and Aesthetic

- Find a food truck that really fits what style you are trying to have at your wedding. There are so many different styles, from retro inspired rigs to more modern and professional trucks. With each truck, their menus are also different. Find the right one for you!

And why not, you might want to book more than one and make it a street fair! After all, you might really want some tacos, and your spouse-to-be, might be into eggrolls. Why not have it all? And if you are going the street taco route, call Taco Bron today.

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